With the breadth of their operations – covering 40 different US locations – Stallion Oilfield Services needed a way to standardize their disparate processes to streamline and improve customer service and experience. The goal was to be able to complete these tasks even without a network connection.


In this case study, you’ll learn how FieldFX helped Stallion:

  • Significantly decrease production outages
  • Eliminate reliance on paper
  • Reduce DSO across all locations
  • Integrate social media marketing strategies
  • And more!


FieldFX Makes The Difference

new leads

Effectively manage new leads

customer service

Better customer service and experience


Streamlined processes for efficiency


Reduce the costs of business

“We’ve been able to drop DSO, put tablets in the hands of our drivers, and eliminate paper. That's been tremendously helpful in allowing us to optimize our operations.”


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