Using a paper ticketing system, EnviroVac struggled to keep track of tickets and give accurate cost information to customers. The inefficiencies in scheduling staff and equipment were causing them to lose revenue from high DSO.


In this case study, you’ll learn how FieldFX helped EnviroVac:

  • Digitize paper processes to reduce ticketing and invoicing errors, even without a network connection
  • Provide accurate quotes to customers in real-time
  • Generate an efficient scheduling system
  • Create transparency between office and field staff
  • And more!



new leads

Recapture and eliminate revenue leakage

customer service

Increase efficiency of cash collection


Significantly reduce high DSO


Automate the quote-to-cash process, both offline and online

“Without FieldFX, our DSO would still be outrageous. Our invoice timing would be way slower than it is right now, and we’d still be chasing down billing items and payroll information on a weekly basis.”


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